Top 10 Scholarship Programs Helpful For Indian Students While Studying In The UK

The United Kingdom is well-acknowledged worldwide for its premium first-class education, short capsule courses, along with affable immigration policies. All is well; however, pursuing academics in the UK can be quite costly. If you are an Indian student and want to pursue your academic curriculum from a renowned college or university of the UK, then friend don’t worry, as here I am going to discuss some of the scholarship programs, which will help you to study in UK.

Pursuing academics from the top-notch colleges and universities of the UK will definitely be a life-changing experience for the students. But, the education in the UK is quite costly that most of the Indian students can afford. Don’t feel sad. The good news is that the United Kingdom proffers an inclusive support to all the students worldwide and encompasses 82% reservation scholarship that can help students in pursuing their dreams of studying in the best colleges/universities of the UK without worrying much about high fees.

Why do Indian students necessitate a scholarship to pursue their academics in the UK?

Pursuing academic degree in the UK is quite expensive than any other nations. Most of the Indian students are from middle class and are unable to afford high fees along with the rent and other daily expenses. Education in the UK can help students to progress in their career and provide them the opportunity to change their life. Scholarship can help them to attain their dreams.

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Thank god, these days, there are a number of options, who offer financial support to students to finance their studies in the UK, such as, fellowships, scholarships, fiscal rewards, grants, education loans, bursaries, and so on. It is always suggested to apply for a scholarship to pursue your academic curriculum from acknowledged educational institutions in the UK.

What are the general criteria for Indian students to get qualified for the UK scholarships?

Nowadays the competition is quite fierce. For that reason the best scholarship providers check your prior academic record prior to rewarding you a scholarship. So, if you are able to prove that you are a bright student with superb marks and remarkable achievements, then you are more probable to get the scholarship to pursue your studies in the UK.

Let’s have a look to the general eligibility criteria for Indian students:

·         The scholar must be the citizen of India.

·         Must accomplish their accredited education from English medium.

·         Must encompass a first-class academic background.

Intakes of the UK Scholarship programs are:

Major intakes: September

Minor intakes: January, February, March, July and November

Top 10 scholarship programs for Indian students to pursue their academics in the UK:

1. British Chevening Scholarships for International Scholarships

2. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

3. Rhodes Scholarships

4. GREAT Scholarships

5. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

6. Scotland Saltire Scholarships

7. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship

8. British Council Creative Economy Scholarships

9. British Council Scholarships for women in STEM

10. Inlaks Scholarships

Pursuing your academics in the top colleges and universities in the UK can be quite reasonable for you if you map your application form appropriately. If you are an Indian student then you can apply for a number of scholarship programs offered by the private, public, and government British institutes.

Let’s discuss one by one, some of the top scholarships to study in the UK:

Chevening Scholarship for Indian and International students:

This international scholarship program offered by the UK government helps skilled and talented students by offering them inclusive monetary support for one-year postgraduate programs and is ranked as the top scholarships in the UK. The scholarship encompasses the complete tuition fees, return airfare of economy class, living stipend, along with supplementary grants to cover up essential expenses. This covers around 12K+ courses within 150 educational institutes in the particular fields of journalism, innovation, Cybersecurity, science, and so on.

Scholarship Amount: Worth around £18,000 (INR 15,82,260), the scholarship sum covers up tuition fees, travel and living expenditures, along with the fee of visa.

Application Deadline for Scholarship: Yearly, the applications begin by August and close about November every year.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT):

This scholarship is particularly offered to Indian students, who are having experience in the arts, heritage conservation, humanities, and are in the early of their academic careers. Yearly, the CWIT offers up to 10 long-term awards and cover up lodging and living expenses in the UK, along with the tuition fees and fares of international flights. This scholarship program doesn’t support 2-year degree courses.

Scholarship Benefits: It comprises visiting companions in particular fields at institutions; awards for the doctoral study and research and allow students to attend the Scottish Universities Summer School.

Application Deadline for Scholarship: Every year by the end of December.

Rhodes Scholarships:

For Indian students, every year, there are 5 scholarships offered in conformity with excellent intellect, temperament, leadership, and dedication to pursue their academics at the University of Oxford. This scholarship comprises complete tuition fee, health insurance, along with one economy-class air ticket to the home nation.

Scholarship Amount: Around 59,490 Pounds (INR 57,04,392)

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship comprises of yearly stipend covering college/university fees, living expenditures, along with economy class flight tickets.

Application Deadline for Scholarship: Every year in the end of July.

GREAT Scholarships:

This scholarship is jointly endowed by the UK Government's GREAT Britain Campaign with the British Council beneath the study of the UK campaign. This scholarship program comprises 99 postgraduate scholarships from 36 UK universities in a diversity of subjects. For Indian students, the number is 12 for the UK higher education institutions offering 13 postgraduate scholarships.

Scholarship Amount: A minimum of £10,000 (INR 9,58,882)

Application Deadline for Scholarship: The application deadline differs as per diverse institutions, so you require checking the websites of the universities for the similar.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship:

This scholarship program is offered from Commonwealth nations by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK. Indian students who want to pursue their PhD and Masters in the UK can finance their education with this scholarship. Students can pursue their 1-year master’s accreditation and 3-year Ph.D. accreditation by using this scholarship.

Scholarship Amount: Around GBP 1,084 per month

Scholarship Benefits: Scholarship comprises tuition fees, fares of flights, and other diverse allowances.

Application Deadline for Scholarship: 30th October once a year

Scotland Saltire Scholarships:

In the association with the Scottish Universities, the Scottish Government is providing scholarship awards to the Indian students and students of some other countries. This scholarship program is for those students, who want to pursue their Masters certification from a reputed college or university and want to become a prominent leader. Every year, the total number of scholarships awarded is around 50.

Scholarship Amount: Up to 8,000 GBP (INR 7,67,106) which covers tuition fees for 1 year for the Master’s Degree of any institutions of Scotland.

Application Deadline for Scholarship: 31st July once a year

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship:

The Erasmus Mundus provides scholarships to students who want to pursue their joint master’s degree in affiliated colleges/universities with the Erasmus Mundus program. This is one of the most well-liked scholarships among the students of India in the United Kingdom. This scholarship program offers 24 grants to Indian students to study in the colleges and universities in the UK that are provided to one-third countries worldwide.

Scholarship Awards: Students get expenses for the tuition fees, monthly subsistence stipend, insurance coverage, laboratory cost, and other diverse expenditures.

Application Deadline for Scholarship: 1 October to 14 January

British Council Creative Economy Scholarships:

This scholarship program is declared by the British Council in partnership with four leading universities of the United Kingdom for all the students and young professionals from India. They offer 3x full tuition fee scholarships. 10 scholarships with a total value of over 149,000 pound are offered for Indian students and young professionals who want to accomplish their postgraduate studies in the field of Culture Policy and Arts Management.

Application Deadline for Scholarship: September once a year

British Council Scholarships for women in STEM:

The British Council has begun a scholarship program in corporation or association with 19 universities in the UK. This scholarship program is particularly for women with STEM backgrounds from the America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Inlaks Scholarships:

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation has provided scholarships, awards and grants to all the commendable students in diverse fields of academic excellence from the year 1976. The foundation had as well founded the Inlaks Scholarships, a Scholarship for UK institutions from which a number of students have been benefited.

Scholarship Amount: Up to 100,000 US Dollars (INR 79,87,700) which comprises tuition fees, living expenditures, airline fares, along with the travel expenditures.

Application Deadline for Scholarship: March 31 every twelve months


As it is a well-known fact that the education in the United Kingdom is quite expensive, financial opportunities and scholarships to pursue academics in the UK are vastly preferred. As the colleges and universities in the UK look for the most talented students, a rising number of scholarships to study in the UK are being accessible.

If you have finalized your decision to study in the reputed college or university of the UK, then it’s the most correct time to get scholarship to pursue your studies in the UK. Hope the above list will help you a lot. Best of Luck!

If you’re still confused about which scholarship you must look for, then feel free to get contact with our online Assignment Help community right away. We will be very happy to help!

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